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The reason why some people get interested in publishing because they realize that they love literary magazines and books to read and even write. You can even go to tiny book stores and get yourself into the section for all the new press publications. You are allowed to buy as well.  There are a lot of people these days that are into publishing stories not just because they enjoy what the do , but they also get profit from it by selling many copies of every one in no time. Plus these days thats all kids need to be doing going to book stores and getting books for their English classes. You can become very popular in the art of selling and publishing stories that it can lead you to meet many awesome authors that have been in the publishing business for a long time. Also by loving what you do with all of the books around you make you realize that when you have a book in your hand that know else has held in their hand and will sooner or later makes you proud that you will be changing a person by a little. You can make a good business and good money out of this company. Books are great and are enjoyable if you put your mind to them.





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