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What is the cost to start up a business online?

Basically in all you will spend $166.00 if you do everythng yourself. The domain name will be $16.00, web hosting will be atleast $6.00 times 12 months +$28.00 set up fee=$100.00. The web designing will be $50.00 with all the training materials added or $200.00 being outsorced.  As you can see you still have to spend money  to get you in track and strated. However time you are willing to put in your business thats how much money you will spend. If you actually want your business to get somewhere you will need to spend a good amount of money. If not then you can spend as little as money as you want. Your business will not be effetive at all if you dont have the following that I mentioned that you need for your business to be legible and successful.





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