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How do I create an ebook?

The way you can create an ebook is through the process of the eBookSnap. Just include your texts and document files in there. HTML however is the most popular format used these days. That is because since it uses hyperlinks, graphics, and even javascripts for the more experienced. All you have to do is write your ebook using any of the HTML editors. Locate any of the files through the ebooksnap and the process will be over and done with within 3min or less.  After that all you need to do is now set up your mini site.  Make sure that your site will accept credit cards because people theses days get 
there information from their credit cards.  If not then open your site up with an account. The con outof that will be that you will have to pay a small percentage out of the sales.  Once that is completed you can create as many ebooks as you want to.  Ebooks are easy and worth your time.  Also are  have been pretty useful these days.





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