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Why do authors sometime ruin the story?

In my opinion sometimes authors ruin the story because they will start adding non important things into the story that dont have any reason in being the story. I was reading this story and the book was going pretty well, it was getting interesting and everything. When though the author decided to start adding things like just characters talking to eachother basically ruined the story and made the story just longer and kept repeating itself. Authors are known to put in more details just for so the story can be longer and more pages in that book. They don't realize how it's very annoying and just makes the story not as interesting anymore.  Sometimes the information they ass just the little details can kill the whole point of the story and basically give out the ending. People, well the majority of people like to read books that will keep them wondering so that they will be anxious to open the book up again and read what happens next. You dont want to give out the whole story injust 5 pages of the story. You basically just wasted your time reading all that for something u already had suspected. 





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